The excitement every athlete and performer feels when in the spotlight is what I capture through my photos.  A moment in time they will remember when looking back at their images from DP Photography.

I offer full range of photography and digital graphic design services!

You will get top caliber images and personal attention to your needs at competitive prices.

As a nationally published photographer, you can see my work in Inside Cheerleading Magazine, Inside Dance Magazine, Cheer Biz Magazine and The Cheerleader Magazine. I also work personally with many organizations all over the country to capture them during their season. DP Photography (aka Lisa Ringer/dancingpickle) has very quickly become a very well known name in the all star cheer and dance industry!  But don't think I am just cheer and dance! I also work with football, baseball, BMX, wake boarding and cross country organizations, just to name a few.

You name it, I've got ya covered!

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